Sustaining Catholic Philanthropy in Western South Dakota

As we are in the midst of our 31st year a charitable foundation we continue our efforts to meet so many needs and priorities in our Catholic parishes and institutions across Western South Dakota. So many families have generously given their wealth through legacy gifts and bequests to sustain us. Our 30th Anniversary Celebration in December of 2022 was a reminder to every one of the tremendous impact these gifts and grants made through the Foundation have had on the Catholic Church in our area.

Looking forward to the next 30 years, we pray you’ll consider a Legacy gift to the Foundation from your family and to learn about the many advantages these sacrificial gifts offer to your family and to the Church. This Fall, we will resume   Legacy Gift Planning Sessions throughout the Diocese of Rapid City. Your parish, our diocese, and your favorite Catholic ministry rely upon these gifts as they provide perpetual support for their mission and service. Your gift will also challenge others to do the same.

During this Ordinary season of the Church’s calendar, we invite you to reflect upon Christ’s ultimate sacrifice and the many blessings and gifts we have received from Our Heavenly Father. Perhaps as an expression of your gratitude you will consider a legacy gift commitment that will have a permanent impact on the Diocese of Rapid City and the WSDCF.

Long term support across the Diocese

WSDCF Grant Award Luncheon